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What is PriCPA?

Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA) is a cloud-native solution for WAN communications that covers the scenarios of site-to-site, site-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud. Legacy security networking solutions cannot be forklifted to the cloud. There are technical, operational and security limitations when using Legacy solutions. Networking engineers designed Legacy networking solutions to communicate branches, central offices and data centres.

Cloud communications arrived with new challenges of networking, security and, mainly, operational agility. Applications are now distributed in multiple VNET/VPCs of different clouds, APIs are required to be accessed from numerous sites, and we still need to communicate with on-prem services. An agile method of any-to-any secure encrypted communications with zero trust is required, and Private Cloud Private Access is the answer to this challenge.

The CSC  PriCPA for Azure in High Availability configuration