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The easiest way to connect to Zscaler (ZIA) at 1.6 or 3.2 Gbps on HA using Availability Sets.

The Cloud Security Connector Multiplex (CSC Mux) allows you to protect your Internet traffic in compliance with the best practices for Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) at 1.6 or 3.2 Gbps. 

The Key Benefits of the CSC Mux are:

  • Solves the limitation of speed to Zscaler when using IPsec tunnels.
  • Enables to connect any Azure internal resources to Zscaler Cloud Security Services at Gigabit speeds: 1.6 Gbps (CSC Mux 1.6G) or 3.2 Gbps (CSC Mux 3.2G).
  • When configured as High Availability pair, you can duplicate your capacity for Web Traffic to 3.2 Gbps (CSC Mux 1.6G) or 6.4 Gbps (CSC Mux 3.2G).
  • The deployment of the CSC Mux is automated using ARM templates.
  • Easy Configuration: Insert your VPN Credentials and select the Zscaler Nodes.
  • Full tunnel redundancy and balancing.
  • High Availability via automatic Route configuration and redundant proxies. 
  • The CSC Mux comes with all parametrization required for Azure and Zscaler with the optimal values according to Zscaler Best practices.
  • With the CSC Mux, you can use all Zscaler ZIA functionalities: Firewall and Web Security.
  • Complete visibility of internal IPs.
  • The CSC Mux provides an easy way to manage direct bypasses to trusted sites using your public IP.
  • No operational burden for Administrators. 
  • The CSC Mux provides an outstanding value for money. The CSC Mux is multiple devices: a Load Balancer, a Firewall, a VPN Concentrator, a Router and a Proxy.