This version has the following enhancements:

  1. The base OS was upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04
  2. Corrected update of Zscaler Nodes database at first boot. 
  3. When deployed in Zone redundancy, Public IPs (Public IP: Standard SKU) are displayed now on "Show Configuration and Status" test. 

Previous Version 2.0

  1. New! High Availability changing routes to Zscaler. When deployed as HA pair, the CSC for Azure has the capacity to select the best route/s to Zscaler. You can manage multiple routes for any destination. For example, you can configure the default route ( and/or the Zscaler Global ZEN IP address (.i.e. and the CSCs on the HA pair will set up the Next Hop automatically.
  2. “Show Configurations and Status” show the HA Status.