The Cloud Security Connector Multiplex (CSC Mux) allows to protect your Internet traffic in compliance with the best practices for Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) at 1, 2 or 4 Gbps. 

(Attached below the Administrator Guide in pdf.)

The Key Benefits of the CSC Mux are:

    • Solves the limitation of speed to Zscaler when using Ipsec tunnels.

    • Enables to connect any Azure internal resources to Zscaler Cloud Security Services at Gigabit speeds: 1 Gbps (CSC Mux 1G) or 2 Gbps (CSC Mux 2G) 

    • When configured as High Availability pair, you can duplicate your capacity for Web Traffic to 2 Gbps (CSC Mux 1G) or 4 Gbps (CSC Mux 2G)

    • Automated deployment using ARM template.

    • Easy Configuration: Just insert your VPN Credentials and select the Zscaler Nodes.

    • Full tunnel redundancy and balancing.

    • High Availability via automatic Route configuration and redundant proxies. 

    • All parametrization required for Azure and Zscaler is already configured with the optimal values according Zscaler Best practices.

    • All Zscaler functionalities can be used: Firewall and Web Security.

    • Full visibility of internal IPs.

    • Easy way to do Bypasses to trusted sites. 

    • No operational burden for Administrators. 

    • The CSC Mux is provides an outstanding value for money. The CSC Mux is multiple devices in one: a Load Balancer, a Firewall, a VPN Concentrator, a Router and a Proxy.