The version 2.8 comes with the following enhancements:

  1. New! You can configure multiple Route Tables on High Availability.
  2. New! OS base system is Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (bionic).
  3. Updated “Configuration and Status” Menu.
  4. Forced route to AWS DNS via eth1.

The version 2.7 comes with the following enhancements:


  1. New! “High Availability changing default route”. Now, you can configure a pair of CSC on High Availability to manipulate automatically the default route to internet via Zscaler. 
  2. Updated “Configuration and Status” Menu.
  3. MTR (MyTraceRoute Test) now runs directly via TCP/80 to the ZEN Primary and Secondary. This avoid to enable incoming ICMP rules on security groups.

The version 2.6 comes with the following enhancements:


  1. Added to Wizard Configuration menu: From the Wizard you can change the Syslog Servers in addition to GRE tunnel IPs, DNS Servers and Bypass PAC URL.
  2. New! Switch tunnels configuration wizard. In some circumstances, customers asked us an easy way to switch tunnels Primary / Secondary. Now is possible to do with a single command.
  3. Logs to Syslog server. On version 2.6 you can setup one or two Syslog servers where to send the information about Tunnel Status.
  4. Updated “Configuration and Status” Menu.
  5. NEW! Zscaler Global Proxies accepted for Bypass Proxy (port :3128). Now, on the CSC, it is possible to use the Zscaler Global Proxies IPs (Ranges and to redirect traffic to the CSC Bypass Proxy.  You need to point your bypass URLs to (example) : PROXY . This feature was requested by several customers in order to create a unique global pac file using the Zscaler Global Proxies.